our mission is to Repeal and Replace Trump, not healthcare.

“You’re not my two-time president”  -The Doors

“Trump is the orangest bumbler” -three dog night

“Imagine there’s no trump, It’s easy if you try” -John Lennon

If you imagine a Trump-Free America, share it, or get a shirt, or both.


A New Direction

The best direction is any direction that's Trump-free.

Blue Hurricane 2020

A tsunami of Trumpian portions.

Insert Name Here

We support every candidate who isn't Trump.


“I speak for the orange people. We want not to be associated with this president!”
CEO Dr. Suess Productions
"I don't know Pete Buttigieg, either."
Alfred E. Neumann
CEO Mad Magazine
"I sure got popular suddenly for some reason. Heh heh heh."
G. W. Bush
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